About NuclearIQ

NuclearIQ is the de facto industry standard data management system for nuclear power plants, supporting over 85 percent of the North American fleet.  Originally developed in 1994 under contract with one of the nation’s largest fleets, NuclearIQ has evolved over the years under the guidance and direction of the robust User’s Group, who functions as a steering committee for the continuing evolution of the program.  The members of the users group gather once a year to provide feedback and direction to the development team at GCR.  This results in a software program that truly meets the needs of the users – we incorporate approximately 100 or more specific requests every year of time-saving features, enhanced functionality and user requested streamlining features; that improves the user experience and creates extraordinary user satisfaction.

NuclearIQ is modern and state of the art.  Rewritten in 2010 in .NET technology, NuclearIQ supports 64 bit servers and clients (Windows 7/8/10) with Microsoft SQL Server databases.  GCR provides maximum, unprecedented flexibility to clients in how they wish to deploy and support the application – via locally supported servers or via a Cloud Service of your choice.  NuclearIQ supports unlimited users in a Site License, allowing for multiple units to be supported under a single Site license.

Bundled Implementation Services:  NuclearIQ is bundled with a guaranteed, well-proven, fixed fee implementation services program that assures clients the migration will be as non-disruptive to daily operations as possible.  All Implementations include:

  • Data migration – experienced technicians create with the plants team, a mapping document that identifies how the legacy data will move – GCR has worked successfully with all existing chemistry databases plus all sorts of odd and custom situations.  Business rules are applied to the migration so plants can update and streamline their naming conventions during the upgrade
  • Configuration Assistance  – existing calculations, schedules, reports, interfaces to instrumentation & counting systems, analyses limits, and more; are all moved into NuclearIQ or set up, and reviewed and tested by the project team
  • Admin and User training – the best training in the industry is delivered in multiple on-site sessions taking into account shifts (we will train the night shift!). Training guides are provided and the client is trained on a special ‘development’ instance of their database looking at their familiar systems
  • Go-Live Support – GCR senior chemistry consultants review the data, systems, interfaces, reports and the like, and arrange a final data migration.  Consultants are on-site to support the changeover to NuclearIQ during Go-live.  This work requires experienced professionals who are on-site for the duration, and not watching the clock, to successfully complete!

Flexible Configurations:  NuclearIQ is built to support any configuration, preference or option any plant could desire or require.  All naming conventions are site specific, as are all systems/tests/sample points.

Custom Reporting:  Utilizing Active Reports within NuclearIQ allows clients to build custom reports quickly and easily.  Plus the added flexibility of ad hoc reporting and data querying for export to Microsoft Excel makes utilization of data a snap.

Graphing and Trending:  NuclearIQ provides quick trending functionality to every data result entered, allow users to visually evaluate the data and easily identify trends before they become a problem.  The Multi-axis graphing features allows for comparison of related data on a single plot, providing insight to system operating conditions and data results.


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