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What’s New in NuclearIQ?

In keeping with the long-standing tradition of making continuous improvements and enhancements to the NuclearIQ suite of data management software for nuclear power plants, GCR is pleased to announce the release of version which delivers significant new functionality as well as performance and stability improvements.

Supported by one of the most active and robust user groups in the industry, GCR’s NuclearIQ is updated yearly with new features, functions and amendments as requested by clients. With input from 52 nuclear power stations across the continent – including our newest addition, Bruce Power in Canada – these releases keep the program on the leading edge of productivity-gains and best-practice.

New Functionality

  • • Perform f-Test and t-Test analysis on columns defined as “QC Instrument” on the Analysis Definition screen.
  • • Write data to the OSIsoftPI System.
  • • Generate schedules with Batch Scheduler
  • • Control user access to UNITs

Additional Improvements

  • • Included the ability to prevent the user from manually entering data into an Auto-Calculate field. When a user attempts to edit an analysis value with a forced calculation, the save button will be disabled and the delete button is enabled based on their privilege.
  • • Analyses set as forced calculation are colored khaki in both Test input and Scheduler.
  • • Added new functionality to the report writing grid that allows users to select “In Current”or “In Previous” within the Comparison field, which allows a user to then select “Month, Quarter and/or Year” for a Sample Date/Time or Analysis Date/Time.
  • • Added the ability to auto delete data from the Inline data table.
  • • Numerous security enhancements to prevent outside data tampering, database SQL injection, or virus infection.
  • • Over 100 usability and performance improvements as requested by the nationwide user community.

f-Test and t-Test

NuclearIQ now provides the ability to statistically evaluate the performance of your instruments, providing valuable in depth information based on the historical data entered within NuclearIQ.

  • • Plotting feature allows toggling between Normal Probability Plot and a Distribution Curve.image001
  • • Continuing to improve our full featured QC program, NuclearIQ now provides the ability to statistically evaluate the on-going performance of your instruments.  This tool provides valuable information based on the current and historical data entered in NuclearIQ.
  • • Easily view the historical record of the previous evaluations performed.image002s
  • • Evaluate the dataset with 6 different Outlier methods.
  • • Utilize one of 3 convince levels 1%, 5% or 10%.

Units Site Security

User Site Security now provides the NuclearIQ Administrator with the capability to modify a user’s access within a multi-site and multi-unit database.  Options are provided to set the user’s access by Unit Number within a selected Site.  User access can be individually set to Write Access, Read Only, or No Access for each selected Unit Number.

We’re Here to Help Ensure a Successful Implementation

With the release of NuclearIQ version, GCR hopes you will let us assist your fleet with the testing and implementation of this significant upgrade.  Instead of struggling to coordinate a multi-site team around fleet outage schedules, you can contract with GCR to quickly and efficiently install, test, and implement your fleet upgrade to version 1.3.0.  What our team of professionals can accomplish in weeks may take your fleet months to do alone. GCR will work with your IT staff and DBA to upgrade your database, perform testing using our proven testing process, configure features for go-live and provide you with detailed reports of our results. This will allow you to focus on your day to day business and give you peace of mind and confidence that the new functionality and security features of Version 1.3.0 are up and running in 2017.

Let us make 2017 more productive for you.

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Click here to download detailed release notes.