Software optimization and process improvement

Our Enhanced Services help clients across the Energy industry who face a common set of challenges in maintaining quality and consistency while conforming with plant procedures. Having the right software is only the first step toward achieving the productivity sites require – well-trained users and administrators are just as important, as stations are confronted with high turnover rates, staff shortages, and increasing demands for precise analytical information. GCR’s team is the best source of ongoing enhanced services and consulting support to help stations and fleets meet these demands.


Often fleets are understaffed or have high turnover, resulting in a lack of institutional memory, poor quality control and reduced consistency. Consider contracting with a GCR consultant to spend up to one week each month or quarter at each of the sites in your fleet on a rotating schedule. For less than the cost of a single staff position, GCR can provide the following benefits:

  • Training and mentoring of key staff by life-long industry professionals, including one-on-one “deep dives” into any area of the Chemistry, REMP or environmental arenas
  • Setting up of interfaces, reports, plots, updating limits, adding systems, and performing all routine admin functions
  • Supervising the testing of new releases, arranging the installation, training users, and implementing new features

Provide your sites with a consistent systems expert in person and on a regular basis – accompanied by elevated off-site telephone and email support – and watch the quality, productivity, and general satisfaction increase for your organization.


Implementation of the mobile app fleetwide, training users and helping facilitate change management


Fine-tuning and refining your site’s Schedule requirements and getting Task Schedules running to guide your work


NuclearIQ team advisors can assist your staff in implementing the Instrument Logbook and the NuclearIQ QA/QC solution, training users, validating and verifying.


Full-service implementation of NuclearIQ modules such as Radiation Protection, Groundwater, REMP-data conversion, database configuration.

For more information on NuclearIQ,
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