NuclearIQ Features

Based on the requests and specifications of the leadership User Group and Steering Committee, NuclearIQ is evolving to meet our customer’s needs in areas beyond basic nuclear data management.

  • Wireless test entry from Mobile Devices – users may enter test results from wireless devices using any network or perform work in a disconnected mode; even capturing automatically the gps location of where the data was obtained.
  • Managerial dashboard reporting – Using any tablet computer, managers can review trend plots, custom reports and other data wirelessly.
  • Chemical Inventory – NuclearIQ includes a chemical inventory management program designed by the User Group, to help Chemistry departments manage their chemical inventory by tracking expiration dates, usage and storage locations of hundreds of chemicals and reagents – since the program is integrated with NuclearIQ, performing the physical inventory task can be built right in to the Schedule for the technicians.
  • GIS mapping – NuclearIQ provides GIS mapping on our Mobile App the allows for real time visibility of test results by location.
  • Electronic transfer of test results – NuclearIQ provides for electronic upload of test results through our Multi-parser application.  This allows for electronic data transfer of counting system results, vendor data, plant computer systems, etc. without worrying about data-entry errors.
  • Custom Reporting – NuclearIQ utilizes Active Reports to allow clients to build detailed and informative reports quickly and easily.  If you can enter it into NuclearIQ, the reporting feature will allow you to place it into whatever format you need to print it out again.
  • Multiple Line Combination Plots – NuclearIQ provides users with an easy to use, combination trend plotting tool.  Clients can build combination plots with multiple data trends lines on single or multiple axes.
  • Calculations – Clients are able to build complex calculations in NuclearIQ without having to learn a programming language.  NuclearIQ utilizes Microsoft Excel to accomplish calculations.  Allowing uses to leverage the power of Excel when building calculations in NuclearIQ.