NEW ORLEANS, LA – With infrastructure in place to connect people, processes, and services, GCR Inc. and the Houston Airport System (HAS) have implemented Salesforce Service Cloud CRM for improving response to customer issues and providing an efficient means to analyze data and trends. Salesforce replaces internal spreadsheets that require manual compilation with a standardized interface for reporting and clear communication channels to track passenger issues.

Salesforce CRM delivers to HAS a powerful analytics tool. The software is used to measure and track escalation response efficiencies such as First Call Resolution of complaints, to connect data related to Lost and Found, to measure customer engagement levels for improved marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, and to measure and benchmark levels of performance of various customer touch points.

The implementation of this project by GCR involved analysis of passenger segmentation within the HAS network, data source management, and integration requirements analysis to better understand behavior patterns for improved service and responsiveness. In addition, an understanding of the types of interfaces and activities within HAS that feed into the CRM system to define the key performance indicators was required – including availability of parking, availability of baggage carts, check-in wait time, courtesy and helpfulness of airport staff, ease of navigating within the Airport, etc.

GCR is providing “on-call” professional information technology services to the Houston Airport System.  As part of this project, GCR is acting as principal/lead IT Consultant, responsible for assisting IT management in the overall coordination and timely completion of all information technology initiatives.

About GCR

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Press Release, July 29, 2014