Upcoming Improvements

NuclearIQ is always improving and changing to meet our user’s needs! We welcome and depend on your comments and suggestions to grow and improve: click here to let us know where you want NuclearIQ to go next. Below is a list of changes already in the pipeline:


  • Add ability to have multiple sample points at the sample location on the geodata map.
  • Add red triangle to test input and schedule review grids when documents or images are attached (similar to Excel.)
  • Report dashboard: A report dashboard should be added to the reports dropdown menu. The dashboard would allow users to access reports without having to select them from the display.
  • Reports dropdown list: Users will go into the dashboard and click an icon that will display the report they want (i.e. daily chemistry report, log book report, unvalidated results, etc.)
  • Event clock timer for exceeding limit – if the limit is exceeded, the event clock timer starts and appears in the a window in the corner of the screen letting the user know that there are actions that must be taken if the value is not returned to within the limit. An example would be, EPRI level 3 actions require returning the analysis value to below the limit within 24hrs or the plant must be shutdown to < 212F within 24hrs. So, on the limits screen, the user should be able to identify a limit as having an event clock associated with it. When the limit is exceeded, an event clock timer shows in the corner and counts down. User should be able to add a comment that will appear and explain the event clock. Email and text notifications are sent informing individuals that an event clock has been started.
  • Allow the omit reason to be saved, even if the requirement has data and has been satisfied.
  • Investigate ability to overlay custom graphics on top of geodata maps.
  • When editing a sample, the mode defaults back to the current plant mode, should retain mode of the sample you are trying to edit.
  • System characteristics form: error while attempting to inactivate an assigned analysis & not able to move an assigned ordinal position and inactivate an analysis at the same time.
  • Date range holds, even when “dates” is unchecked, even after clicking reload.
  • Chemical inventory module update (Click here to download a document detailing updates)
  • Add a link to a reference document when exceeding limits.