NuclearIQ Datasheets

Click the images below to download PDF versions of our most current NuclearIQ datasheets, to give you more information ‘at-a-glance’ about NuclearIQ, important product features, and upcoming events :


Details and information about the GCRWorld NuclearIQ Users Conference, to be held April 20-21, 2016


A detailed technical fact sheet on the new NuclearIQ moblie application.


NuclearIQ is a modern, state-of-the art, .net based chemistry data management solution providing all known features and functions that users desire and require in the configuration, task scheduling, calculation, reporting, and interfacing areas. The robust user group functions as a steering committee driving development in ways that streamline usage and increase productivity, saving time and money for plants.

A key factor in NuclearIQ’s success in the marketplace is our sustained commitment to long-term support and service.

GCR + Partners are configuring and deploying wireless networks covering the entire EPZ and collecting data from sensors which are monitoring all sorts of things including flow, temp, radiation, level, vibration, health/status, etc. Data is collected in real time in NuclearIQ® for validation, reporting, alerting, trend plotting, mapping and sharing with all the groups who need the data. Take a look at the data sheet for more information.

The Groundwater Monitoring module provides industry-leadership real time support for groundwater sample collection, updating of test results, mapping and reporting. Take a look at the data sheet and compare your plant's process for sample collection, interaction with labs, and evaluation of test results – NuclearIQ supports all E-lab tests and activities

NuclearIQ’s innovative expanded service commitment – a pre-arranged commitment for an on-site consultant for two weeks or four weeks a year, to help implement any of a large variety of projects that can help a station move dramatically forward over time.