Using NuclearIQ, nuclear power plants are able to achieve the highest levels of safety, integration, information sharing, cost avoidance and insight into trends.

NuclearIQ chemists/engineers have devised a graphical tool to rapidly interface gamma spectroscopy, in-line instruments, and PI servers, to the central chemistry repository, saving vast amounts of time and avoiding transposition errors as data sources are transferred automatically on schedule.

NuclearIQ is backed by an experienced team of industry trained nuclear chemists who are available not only to provide our Continuing Support Commitment, but also to provide affordable, guaranteed, targeted services offerings that will help plants deploy time-saving and productivity-improving measures – whether on-site admin/user trainings, or fine tuning the plants task schedule, or defining and coding custom reports with the built-in report writer, services improve utilization and return on investment.

Click here to view the NuclearIQ Overview info sheet or here to view theContinuing Support info sheet.