GCR designed its first chemistry data management system for the nuclear power industry in 1994. Written from the ground up by nuclear chemists to the tight specifications of nuclear chemistry departments, the program is exceptionally flexible and well-suited to the repetitive, process-oriented labs in nuclear plants. NuclearIQ gives your plant the ability to streamline test entry and yield enormous gains in productivity, in some cases saving 2-4 hours per tech per shift.

Evolution of the program has been consistent and continuous, as the robust nationwide users group meets to provide usage feedback, feature requests, functional enhancements and identify hundreds of time-saving improvements from their real world experience. Broad new areas of functionality are designed and included in the base program, such as the Emergency Preparedness and Groundwater Monitoring modules and the chemical inventory expiration program.

The system has been upgraded to the latest technological platform, Microsoft .NET, and supports all known features and functions plus the ‘futures’ that users desire, such as wireless test entry and reporting on smart phones and tablets, and management dashboards. Interfacing to instrumentation, databases and PI servers has never been easier than with NuclearIQ, saving transposition errors and TIME!

NuclearIQ is delivered with maximum, unprecedented flexibility – a few examples – fully bundled fixed-fee deployment and data migration services; monthly licensing (expense) or upfront (capital) ; local client server configurations or fleet-centralized support or entirely cloud-serviced; and support for Oracle or SQL-SVR databases with 32 or 64 bit clients and servers.