New Orleans, LA, May 23, 2018

Energy Sector Upgrades NuclearIQ Software to Version
GCR unveils the newest version of its popular NuclearIQ software on May 30th. This release creates efficiencies important to our clients, as user feedback was the driving force behind our development process. We’re profiling five main enhancements leading up to the release, the second of which are improvements to “One Time Only” scheduling.

Scheduling Enhancement
In Version, one of our Entergy clients asked for the “One Time Only” schedule item to be changed, allowing the user to not only set the date but also the time of day. In version, we created an enhancement that allows for this choice, meaning your “One Time Only” items will no longer appear at the beginning of the schedule, ensuring your items will appear on the correct day as well as the correct shift.

For more information on how upgrade to the newest version of NuclearIQ, please contact Bill Gilboy at or call 504-304-2500.