New Orleans, LA, May 30, 2018

GCR is proud to announce the launch of NuclearIQ Version!
Today marks the official launch of our newest version of NuclearIQ, the industry standard for nuclear chemistry data management. The NuclearIQ team has collaborated closely with you, our customers, to determine what changes and improvements you most wanted in the product, and worked with our developers to implement those changes in version

From improved data entry and QC charting features to enhanced task scheduling and classification capabilities, we are excited to share these improvements with you, to make your facility more efficient and your goals easier to accomplish. As always, we look forward to your feedback on this version, so we can continue listening and responding to your needs to make NuclearIQ the best solution possible.

For more information on how upgrade to NuclearIQ, please contact Bill Gilboy at or call 504-304-2500.