The NuclearIQ Team


Bill Gilboy, Senior Manager, Energy & Utilities

Mr. Gilboy has over twenty years’ experience in the nuclear power industry, having served at Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point plants and at Entergy Corporation’s Waterford 3 Station. During his twelve years with Entergy, Mr. Gilboy acted in the roles of chemistry technician, chemistry training instructor, and senior chemistry technical specialist responsible for overseeing the on-line process instrumentation program.


William Dobbs, Training and Support Manager

Mr. Dobbs has more than seven years of experience in user training and customer help desk technical support. At GCR he provides customized on-site training for end users and administrators. He has provided training to users in a variety of industries including state agencies, the nuclear power industry and federal level law enforcement agencies. Mr. Dobbs also provides training and support using telephone and remote access software to address specific issues with remote users.


J.T. Williams, Senior Developer

Mr. Williams has extensive experience developing user friendly, intuitive systems that integrate complex business logic and automated rule-based processes. Recently he has been lead developer for several mobile applications for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, including the NuclearIQ™ Data Point Plotting Application.

Prior to working at GCR, Mr. Williams’ experience has included service as an Engineering Technician in the US Navy Nuclear Program and a Chemistry Technician and Visual Basic programmer at Entergy Corporation’s Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Station.


Tony Sun, Developer

Mr. Sun is a senior programmer with 10 years experience in system design, development and implementation.


Jim Schultz, Senior Chemistry Consultant

Jim has 27 years experience in chemistry in the Nuclear Power Industry. He joined the Navy in 1985 and served aboard the USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735) as an Engineering Laboratory Tech. In 1991, he was hired as a Chemistry Technician at the James A Fitzpatrick NPP in Oswego, NY. While at JAF Jim progressed from Chemistry Shift Tech to Chemistry / Environmental Supervisor and finally Senior Technical Trainer, using GCR’s NuclearIQ software. He became proficient at using, configuring and then ultimately training new tech’s and administrators on the software.


Michael McEarl, Senior Energy Systems Consultant

Michael McEarl is an experienced nuclear power plant specialist with over thirty years of experience in the nuclear energy industry. He works with clients to evaluate and implement NuclearIQ features that improve the overall functionality and productivity of the application.