Learn to harness the full power of NuclearIQ.

Over many years of working closely with our user community, GCR has developed NuclearIQ into an incredibly powerful, wide-ranging suite of tools that goes far beyond mere chemistry data management. Often, we find that stations are only taking advantage of a small portion of what the software can do – but our staff are here to change that by offering advanced training, on-site or off, on every aspect of what NuclearIQ’s vast capabilities.


No one knows NuclearIQ and the nuclear industry like our team of expert nuclear chemistry and software specialists, each of whom have over 25 years in the industry. Our team understands first-hand the complex needs and requirements NuclearIQ is designed to automate and improve, and can help your site use the software to address those needs to the full extent of its capabilities – resulting in increasing efficiency, improved results, better compliance and savings in time and money.


Conducting site specific training programs to address new releases, new hires, new admins, development of skills, and improving productivity.


Twice each year, the NuclearIQ team hosts a series of advanced training seminars for NuclearIQ administrators, teaching in great detail the advanced methods, best practices and tips and tricks that will allow your site to make the most of every aspect of the NuclearIQ system.


The annual NuclearIQ User Conference held in New Orleans provides a regular opportunity for the NuclearIQ community to share industry knowledge and best practices, master new techniques and software capabilities, and shape the future of the NuclearIQ software suite.

For more information on NuclearIQ,
contact Bill Gilboy, Director, Energy & Utilities

bgilboy@gcrincorporated.com    |    504.304.2500