Training Videos

The NuclearIQ team have prepared these videos to help guide you through various aspects of the application. Some videos have accompanying reports and documentation, which you can download using the links provided after the video description. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know. If there is a subject you would like more information about, please let us know and we will create a short video walking you through the process!

NuclearIQ GeoData Series, Video 2: Associating Analyses with Systems
In our second video in the series, we show you how to associate the analysis that will be performed with our newly created system.  We show you how to identify an analysis for the GeoData Map.
NuclearIQ Training: Data Validation Report
Data Validation is important but often times a very cumbersome part of the job. With the Data Validation Report, we make retrieving and viewing this data quick and easy. When used with the 'Unvalidated Only' feature of NuclearIQ you will see large productivity gains.
Associated files: Data Validation Report Setup.docx, Data Validation Report.rpx
NuclearIQ Training: Setting up a System Group
In this video we explain how to setup System Groups and speed up data entry. You don't have time to waste looking for systems on a long system list. Setup a Group and quickly find the systems you access most frequently.
Associated files: System Groups.docx
NuclearIQ Training: Using Transfer Gamma Spectrum Transfer Screen
This video steps through the process of transferring Gamma Spectrum results using the ‘Transfer Gamma Spectrum Data’ screen in NuclearIQ.
NuclearIQ Training: System Types
In this video we explain how to organize the system tree in NuclearIQ® by type. Place those similar systems into a type and create a list of systems that are related. Great for trending and validating data.
Associated files: System Types.docx
NuclearIQ Training: Entering Results into the Test Input Grid
This video gives a basic introduction to the Data Input process within NuclearIQ.  We walk through one of the methods for entering test results into the Test Input Grid.
NuclearIQ GeoData Series, Video 3: Assigning your Site to GeoData Map
In the early days, a town could say it finally was a town when it made it on the Map. Here we show you how to get your site on the map. Zipcode not required.
NuclearIQ Training: Using Multiparser for Transfer to Test Input Grid
This video demonstrates the process of sending Gamma Spectroscopy sample results to the Test Input grid within NuclearIQ using the Multiparser.
NuclearIQ GeoData Series, Video 4: Placing Systems on the GeoData Map
In the 4th and final video of our series, we show you how to place your systems and analyses on the GeoData Map.
NuclearIQ Training: Entering Results into a Schedule
This video demonstrates one of the different processes of entering data into NuclearIQ.  It explains the basic concept of schedules and how to enter data into a schedule form.
NuclearIQ GeoData Series, Video 1: Creating a System
We start our series by walking you through how to setup a new system in NuclearIQ.  We then take this new system and in the rest of our series, we walk you through the process of placing it onto the GeoData Map.
NuclearIQ Training: Setting up Instrument Logbooks
This video demonstrates how to set up Instrument Logbooks in NuclearIQ.

NuclearIQ Training: Creating a Quick Report
The NuclearIQ database contains a lot of information and sometimes it would be nice to get a report showing that data.  Quick Reports allow you to retrieve that data without a large production.
NuclearIQ Training: DMR Summary Reports
This video will explain how to quick and efficiently gather your DMR data each month using our DMR Summary Report.
Associated files:  DMR Data Summary.rpx, Discharge Monitoring Report Version (PDF), Discharge Monitoring Report Version (PDF)